Vadim Osadchy

M.Sc., BA, MA, certified auditor
Vadim graduated from Tel Aviv University with a degree in Tax and Auditing in 1996, and ten years later he graduated from the Bar-Ilan University School of Law.
Since 1997 he has been a business development consultant for the Ministry of Industry and Trade.
Until 2001, he worked at KPMG, then as a partner in the Kuperberg, Livni and Partners auditing company.
Since 2003 he has been partner in Rabinovitz, Even, Maman and Partners the audit company .
Since 2015, he has been responsible for tax planning for Pareto Capital clients
Vadim is one of the leading Russian-speaking specialists in Israel in the field of taxation, audit, and transaction support for the acquisitions, sales and liquidations of companies.
He speaks Russian, English and Hebrew.

What criteria should a client consider when choosing their auditor?
Vadim Osadchy: Of course, you need to start with recommendations. you shouldn't trust advertisement. Perhaps one of your friends or acquaintances already get consultations from or is a client of some auditor. Or, your attorney can recommend someone. It is better to inquir at several different places instead of just going to one and then compare their recommendations, as well as their approaches. I would go to an auditor or lawyer who deals with taxes and specializes in this area.
Well, everyone has recommendations, some people work with one auditor, and some with another... How should I choose?
Vadim Osadchy: Personal rapport, instant connection... if all else is on par, you need to consider auditor's experience. Obviously, you shouldn't go to an auditor who doesn't work from an office. Someone who has a day job and does accounting as a side gig.
What is the price range for auditors' services?
Vadim Osadchy: An hour of consultation can cost from $150 in a basic audit office and up to €500 in top firms. A basic initial consultation shouldn't cost more than 1,000 shekels.

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